The LIVE LEAN Program

The 3-step program that's helping women rediscover their natural, healthy weight ... without counting calories, living at the gym, or giving up wine or chocolate

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A 3-step system that will help you gain control of food & your health

Step 1: Re-program

Discover and deactivate the hidden triggers that are sabotaging your efforts and completely reprogram your relationship with food

Step 2: Re-balance

Reset your “hunger” and “fullness” hormones and blood sugar levels to where they should be by creating a personalized meal plan that will fill you up and keep you satisfied between meals. This will help optimize your energy, mood, and metabolism and prevent food cravings and overeating.

Step 3: Re-shape

Reshape “how you eat” by mastering the art of mindful eating so that you can tune into your hunger and fullness signals, give your body what it truly needs, and enjoy food more than ever before.

What Makes LIVE LEAN Different

Understand all Areas of Weight Management & Body Composition

Most programs that target weight loss only address one aspect of weight management (i.e. nutrition or exercise or sleep/stress or your relationship with food). LIVE LEAN addresses all aspects by teaching you how to implement research-backed strategies in a personalized and sustainable way.

Change Your Habits for Good

Changing your habits can feel impossible, especially in the face of conflicting information or when you are trying to do it alone. You will learn step-by-step how to create lasting change, overcome barriers, and be consistent.

See Results & Enjoy Your Favourite Foods

Many women feel conflicted … they want a healthy, lean body that they feel confident in while having the freedom and flexibility to treat themselves and maintain a healthy relationship with food. We believe that you can have it all and will help you find YOUR healthy balance.

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LIVE LEAN Curriculum

Modules 1 - 12

  1. Get Unstuck & Harness The Power Of Change 
  2. Master The Art Of Mindful Eating
  3. Get Your Nutrition On Track 
  4. Build A Personalized Meal Plan
  5. Eat Out, Shop Smart, & Stay Healthy On A Busy Schedule
  6. Deactivate Hidden Triggers For Problematic Eating Habits & Weight Gain
  7. Manage Hunger & Food Cravings 
  8. Build A Healthier Relationship With Food 
  9. Overcome Self-Sabotaging Thoughts & Behaviour
  10. Optimize Metabolism & Body Composition
  11. Heal Your Gut & Beat The Bloat
  12. Overcome Plateaus & Achieve Lasting Results

The LIVE LEAN Program may be covered under your employee health benefits plan. Most health benefits cover Registered Dietitian services. To find out more including program fees book a discovery call.

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