Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian Toronto

Personalized nutritional counselling from nutritionist & Registered Dietitian, Stefanie Senior.

Personalized nutrition plans that fit your lifestyle and healthcare needs​

Get the nutrition counselling you need to reach your health goals from a leading registered dietitian and nutritionist in Toronto. From weight loss and chronic health conditions or food allergy management to athletic performance enhancement or overall diet and lifestyle improvement, we can help.

What You Can Expect

Initial Session

During your initial 1-hour nutrition counselling appointment, a Toronto registered dietitian and nutritionist  will review and assess your health goals, diet and eating style. Based on this information, we will design a satisfying, easy-to-follow, detailed nutrition plan based on your nutritional needs, food preferences and lifestyle. At the end of your nutrition counselling appointment, you will walk away with clear objectives and a realistic and sustainable plan that will help you achieve results.

Follow-up Sessions

During your follow-up nutrition counselling appointments, a registered dietitian and nutritionist  will assess your food diary and progress and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. We will help you plan your meals and snacks; teach you how to incorporate restaurants and your favourite foods and provide you with recipes that suit your taste buds, food restrictions (if any), cooking skills and schedule. We will also help you identify and overcome challenges and provide ongoing accountability, guidance, and support to help you stay motivated and on track.

What's Included

Individual Pricing