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Nutrition & Weight Loss Plans

Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist in Toronto

Stefanie Senior is a recognized registered dietitian and nutritionist in Toronto who offers personalized nutrition and weight loss plans that are realistic, easy to follow and reflect stepwise change, balance and flexibility. With over 13 years experience, Stefanie will provide you with the advice, resources, motivation and support you need to help you make permanent lifestyle changes to reach your health goals.

It's Not a Diet, it's a Lifestyle Change


Reprogram your relationship with food by identifying and managing personal triggers for unhealthy eating. Understand your eating patterns and how to better respond to triggers.


Rebalance your hunger and fullness hormones and blood sugar levels with a nutrition plan that will keep you satisfied between meals, optimize your energy and mood and prevent food cravings.


Reshape how you eat by mastering the art of mindful eating and intuitive eating so that you can carefully gauge when you are hungry and how much your body needs to feel satisfied and energized.


Whether you are looking for a weight loss coach, a sports nutritionist, a motivational speaker or a nutrition consultant for your business in Toronto or the GTA, Stefanie offers a variety of online nutrition counselling services.

Nutrition Counselling

Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage a chronic health condition or food allergy, enhance athletic performance, or simply improve your diet and lifestyle, we will coach you to success.

Weight Loss Counselling

Managing your weight can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. We can help you safely lose a large amount of weight, lose that last 10 pounds or burn fat and build muscle.

Workplace Wellness

Our workplace wellness programs give employees the education, guidance, resources and support they need to make smarter food choices, increase exercise, improve health and establish lifelong habits.

Craving Change™

If you struggle with your eating habits, eat for comfort or in response to emotions, then the Craving Change™ program is right for you. This workshop involves a series of group discussions activities and self-reflection.

Group Weight Management

LIVE LEAN is a 12-week group weight loss program that will help you establish a realistic, easy-to-follow, satisfying weight management plan that reflects your nutritional needs, food and exercise preferences and lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition

To become an accomplished athlete, nutrition has to be a priority. Learn how to supply your body with the right fuel to reach your goal(s), be it weight loss, muscle growth or improved fitness and sports performance.